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Check our highly crafted solid wood hardwood floors that lasts a lifetime with a variety of designs at amazing prices.

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An Amazing, Long-Lasting Home Investment

Our solid wood hardwood flooring boards are developed from a solitary piece of 100% wood, made in India with the best craftsmanship, and sourced for the most part from the Indian locale (hardwood there is valued for its steadiness, reliable shading and refined grain). Numerous property holders are attracted to Touchwood solid hardwood flooring services for its suffering strength, the worth it adds, and obviously, how astonishing it glances in their homes.
Solid hardwood flooring is one of two kinds of hardwood flooring we offer. The other is designed hardwood, which has a layered construction and is likewise entirely sturdy and snazzy. Solid wood floor addresses a homogeneous construction of wood. The item grows 30% more than designed wood and thusly it is prepared well to consider such development.

Hardwood Flooring Solidwood Flooring Hardwood Flooring Solidwood Flooring Hardwood Flooring

Solid wood hardwood flooring accompanies seven layers of without formaldehyde acrylic finish which is UV-restored so the item doesn't get dusty. Having special components, for example, colour and scratch obstruction, solid hardwood flooring gives natural warmth. Simple to keep up with and spotless, this kind of flooring accompanies feather contact that gives the solace to unshod strolling. Hardwood flooring in Delhi catches the components of nature: remarkable examples, amazing strength, and the glow and solace of the natural plan. With a wide assortment of looks from exemplary, natural oak to intense, special colours and troubling, there's a natural wood floor for any stylistic theme. Something beyond staggering style, wood floors are solid and adaptable.

What Makes the Solid Hardwood Floor A Great Choice?

Hardwood Flooring are a dazzling element anyplace in your home and are appropriate in pretty much every space, from anterooms, stairs, hallways and bedrooms to kitchens, libraries and studies. Aside from adding esteem, they are additionally commonly simpler to spotless, more sterile and extremely enduring.

It holds up to style changes

Your Touchwood floors a leading hardwood flooring company will search useful for a truly significant time frame. Be that as it may, should your style at any point change, these floors can take a few rounds of sanding and refinish.

It comes from great wood

American Walnut, Oak Toast, Oak Coffee, White Oak, Florence, Hangover. Touchwood solid hardwood flooring is made distinctly from harder wood species, giving it more prominent gouge obstruction.

We finish it with defensive forces

Every one of our styles has a defensive finish to protect boards from wear. Our hardest items, covered in aluminium oxide, offer the most extreme scratch obstruction.

Lamiwood Solidwood Flooring

Start shopping for our solid hardwood flooring boards. We know that wood grades may vary for every supplier. However, we make sure that we always offer high-grade wooden floorboards. For the high quality, high grade and attractive look, our clients love buying our flooring boards. We have found the minor variations in the colour may cause a difference to the product.

Why Choose Touchwood Flooring for Hardwood Flooring Installation?

With over thirty years of involvement, Touchwood Hardwood Flooring Services is India’s best hardwood flooring company. We will probably make the hardwood flooring choice cycle as simple as could really be expected. Regardless of whether you visit our display area to see tests or timetable an in-home arrangement, our learned group will assist you with picking the ideal wood floors for your home. All installations are dealt with by our in-house group, giving you a definitive quality command over your venture. You can relax with our great installations, workmanship guarantee, and plan ability.

Florence Hardwood [Lamiwood]

We never go out of style while choosing the laminated floors. Although it is laminated wood, you can find the beauty of the real hardwood. Our easy-to-maintain laminated floors fit the taste of all the homeowners.

Hangover Hardwood [Lamiwood]

We never go out of style while choosing the laminated floors. Although it is laminated wood, you can find the beauty of the real hardwood. Our easy-to-maintain laminated floors fit the taste of all the homeowners.

Things to Consider For Solid Hardwood Floor Installation

Keep it over the ground

Solid hardwood looks and performs extraordinary any place there's no potential for dampness. We wouldn't suggest storm cellars (or restrooms or pantries)— however, it's amazing in first or second-floor spaces like family rooms, feasting regions, kitchens and bedrooms.

The establishment can be testing

Solid hardwood is gotten to the subfloor with nails, staples or paste. A truly experienced DIYer may be equipped for the situation, however overall we propose employing a master.

Financial plan for the other stuff

Similarly as with any floor establishment, remember to represent trims and mouldings, old floor evacuation, subfloor repairs and tools.

We give the best solidwood hardwood flooring for commercial and residential properties.

We offer world class flooring material across price ranges to suit all budgets. Let's reach out to us.

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